Iron Vital Nutritional Supplement of Iron & Vitamin C with Fruity Flavor 250ml

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Iron Vital Nutritional Supplement of Iron & Vitamin C with Fruity Flavor 250ml

Iron for life energy:
Feeling tired or exhausted? They may be symptoms of iron deficiency. This trace element plays a key role in the production of red blood cells and therefore contributes to the vital transport of oxygen throughout the body through the blood. IronVITAL® Fprovides a sufficient amount of iron and has a pleasant taste. This special nutritional supplement is useful for people who are going through special moments in their lives, such as pregnant women, nursing mothers, women with increased menstruation, vegans, vegetarians and athletes. VITAL®Fcontains iron in its bivalent form, which is highly absorbable by the human body.


  • Necessary for the formation of red blood cells, it contains iron that is easily absorbed by the human body.
  • Handy packaging.
  • Fruity taste and easy to digest.

Food supplement with iron and vitamin C:

Iron VITAL® F is an excellent source of iron. Iron is necessary for the production of red blood cells and the transport of oxygen to all organs and muscles of the human body. Iron is also a key component of enzymes, which control cell metabolism. Vitamin C in Iron VITAL® F enhances the absorption of iron.

To ensure optimal absorption of iron, it is recommended to take itIron VITAL® F not to coincide with meals.

Concentrated cherry juice, beetroot (20%), apple (19%), rosehip extract, chamomile, balsam, quack root, equisetum, fructose, vitamin C, iron-II-gluconate, nicotinamide, vitamin B1, vitamin B2 , vitamin B6, vitamin B12

Does not contain:
Alcohol, lactose, gluten, preservatives.

Suitable for Vegetarians/Vegans.
Suitable for children.

Recommended daily intake, according to D–A–CH (German, Austrian and Swiss Nutrition Society):

Iron VITAL® F % intake*
​Pregnant women
Nursing Mothers
Girls over 10 years old
Women of childbearing age
Women over 51 years old
Children over 4-7 years old
Children aged 7-10 years
Boys and young men
Adult men
30 ml
20 ml
15 ml
15 ml
10 ml
5 ml
10 ml
10 ml
10 ml

*If taken as directed, theIron VITAL®Fcovers up to 100% of the recommended daily intake of iron, according to the recommendations of D-A-CH (German, Austrian and Swiss nutritional society) per group (see table).