Johnson Baby Extra Moisturizing Wash 2 se 1 Pump 500ml
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Johnson Baby Extra Moisturizing Wash 2 se 1 Pump 500ml

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Extra Moisturizing Creamy shower gel & shampoo 500ml has a creamy composition that has been created especially for the gentle cleansing of the sensitive skin of newborns.

Baby skin dehydrates 2 times faster than adults. That’s why you need perfect hydration that will maintain the look and feel of sensitive skin.

With 4 times more moisturizing agents *

Hypoallergenic ** and with balanced pH

Gentle on the baby’s skin

Checked by pediatricians and dermatologists

We choose only high quality ingredients that are gentle on baby skin. That’s why we tried and ruled out more than 400 ingredients that do not meet our Best for Baby πρό standards.

* In relation to Johnson’s Baby Top-to-Toe shower gel & shampoo

** Composition that minimizes the risk of allergies.

Use: Wet the baby’s hair and body with warm water, apply by hand or with a cleaning cloth, gently lather and rinse.

Packaging: 500ml Bottle with Pump