Korres Ginseng Hyaluronic Splash Sunscreen SPF 30 Two Phase Sunscreen for Face & Body 150ml

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Innovative two-phase sunscreen with water texture for face and body. Enriched with hyaluronic acid, ginseng extract and vitamin E, it rejuvenates, moisturizes and protects the skin from dehydration caused by sea water, heat and sun.



Effective protection of the skin from the sun and photoaging are actions parallel to all sunscreens KORRES. Innovation, safety and the highest possible percentage of natural content are, at the same time, the starting point for the development of each new product of the brand. This year, the message #StopSunAgeing is conveyed by the new innovative Two-Phase Sunscreen Splash. In two versions -Cucumber & Hyaluronic and Ginseng & Hyaluronic- with wet-tech technology, combines high sun protection, up to 3 times more enhanced hydration, anti-aging action and a unique cooling effect.

Hyaluronic acid of natural origin and a powerful mix of plant extracts, oils and vitamins, among which ginseng and organic cucumber extracts, restore the skin from dehydration caused by sea, heat and sun. The function of the natural skin barrier is enhanced by an effective moisturizing film, the skin remains hydrated and protected from photoaging, its texture is improved, while the feeling of coolness and rejuvenation is immediate and intense, “overcoming” the high summer temperatures. Wet-tech technology also guarantees the maximum performance of sunscreens even on wet skin.

With the lightest, transparent water texture that is immediately absorbed, the new Two Phase Sunscreen Splash offers from the first 30 ‘of application up to 3 times more enhanced hydration, as well as nourishment, soft and elastic skin, while protecting from the wide range of UVA radiation / UVB. The new playful sunscreens for face and body with an extremely refreshing, fresh scent, in transparent-yellow and green-yellow color code, have been developed with the most effective and safe sunscreens and do not contain silicones.

Tip! The new Cucumber Summer Splash, a cool cologne with fresh notes of cucumber, jasmine, violet and lemon, will maintain the feeling of toning and rejuvenation even after the beach.