KORRES Golden Yolk Eye Elixir 18ml
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KORRES Golden Yolk Eye Elixir 18ml

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KORRES Golden Krocus Eye Elixir 18ml is a youth elixir for the eye area that repairs all the signs of aging and fatigue. With fresh Kozani Crocus extract, B-Glucans and a combination of six active ingredients, specially selected for the needs of the eye area.

Ideal for all ages, all skin types, all needs of the eye area.

The fresh extract from the precious spots of Crocus is incorporated in the formula within 24 hours from the moment of extraction, in order to maintain the maximum of its antioxidant power.

Thanks to the strong combination of Kozani Yolk with B-Glucans, peptides and amino acids, the golden elixir strengthens the skin’s defense against daily wear and tear, such as oxidative stress and other environmental attacks, gives healthy skin all the effects of internal .

Offers lifting and tightening, improves elasticity, reduces dark circles, bags and puffiness in the eye area and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Gives hydration, radiance, even tone and smooth skin.

Visible results from the first application.