KORRES Morello Voluminous Lipgloss 04 Honey Nude 4ml
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KORRES Morello Voluminous Lipgloss 04 Honey Nude 4ml

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Lip gloss with exceptional shine and full color that lasts. With Cherry oil and ceramides that moisturize and fill the lips.

Lips with really rich, bright color, glossy but not sticky lips, full lips – the new Morello Voluminous Lipgloss will enliven the smile, giving a generous mirror-effect uniform color and more intense lips, while they remain soft and hydrated, without sticking. Brighter, more delicious, fuller lips! Silicone-free Morello Voluminous Lipgloss is color, but also care. Morello sour cherry oil, hyaluronic acid pellets and ceramides trap water, nourish and fill lips. The creamy texture of Lipgloss rests on this velvety “base” and with the precision that the specially designed brush allows, the extremely rich color is created for the absolutely attention-grabbing shine on the lips that acquire an impressive volume effect. The feeling of comfort, despite the vinyl-type film, is unprecedented! MORELLO OIL Moisturizes and softens the lips. HYALURONIC ACID SPHERES With the excellent ability to bind water, they enhance the hydration levels and the elasticity of the lip area, leaving them soft, as they create the impressive volume effect. CERAMIDES Moisturize and soften fine lines in the lip area.