Korres Promo 2022 White Pine Night Cream, 40 ml and Body Cream 125ml in a handbag
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Korres Promo 2022 White Pine Night Cream, 40 ml and Body Cream 125ml in a handbag

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Korres Offer Package White Pine Restorative Night Cream 40ml & Gift Body-Lift Cream 125ml & Toiletry

White Pine Volume Replenishing Night Cream for Mature Skin & Firming Body Cream


Night Cream White Pine Replenishment Volume for Mature Skin

Night cream specially designed for postmenopausal women. Enhanced with Meno-Reverse τεχνο technology and an alternative ingredient to retinol, it reduces the appearance of deep wrinkles and replenishes the skin’s hydration overnight, nourishing fragile and delicate skin.

Enriched in:

    MENO-REVERSE ™ TECHNOLOGY – Mixture of natural peptides with targeted action of volume and density replenishment.

    WHITE PINE – Global Korres innovation that enhances skin elasticity.

    RETINOL ALTERNATIVE – An ingredient in retinol that reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

Clinical results:

100% of women noticed *

    Effective hydration, tightening, increased density.

    Feeling comfortable all day long.

Nine out of ten women found deep skin nourishment immediately after application, reduction of deep wrinkles in just 1 month and enhanced facial volume.

* In vivo study / White Pine Day Cream / 56 days of application

& Gift Korres White Pine Radiant Body Lift Cream Body Cream for Sculpting & Straightening 125ml

Firming body cream specially designed for postmenopausal women, acts targeted at the 5 main areas of relaxation of the body, hands, chest, stomach, buttocks and thighs. With a discreet glow that softens imperfections and highlights the youthful appearance of the skin.

88.4% Natural Origin Content

Reinforced with:

    WHITE PINE – Global innovation Korres that enhances skin elasticity, reduces the appearance of lines and deep wrinkles.

    MENO-REVERSE ™ TECHNOLOGY – A mixture of natural peptides from artichoke leaves with targeted replenishment action of volume and density.

    SPILANTHES ACMELLA EXTRACT – Offers tightening and lifting in areas of the body with a tendency to relax.

& Gift Bag