Korres Promo Sweet Like Vanilla Freesia Shower Gel 250ml & Vanilla Freesia Body Milk 125ml

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Vanilla Freesia Shower gel

Aromatic and moisturizing shower gel, with oriental orientation and sweet floral notes, ideal for daily use. Elegant, exotic and alluring. Aromatic notes of freesia and vanilla flowers.

Vanilla Freesia Body Milk

Aromatic body milk, rich in vitamins and trace elements, a source of energy for the skin. Almond Oil in combination with the active Aloe extract -exceptionally moisturizing agents- reduce the loss of moisture from the skin. Provitamin B5, Karite butter and the organic extracts of Althea and Elichrysos offer significant moisturizing, emollient and soothing action.

The capsule of the precious Vanilla, a tropical orchid that climbs to great heights, is considered to have the power to evoke daydreams. A delectable ingredient with a sweet, seductive aroma

Freesia, a bulbous plant of South African origin, quickly became very popular due to the fragrance of its flowers, but also their great variety of colors. The intense scent of its cut flowers lasts for many days, bringing to mind images of carefree moments and flowering meadows. The exotic fruit of lychee, which for many centuries was privilegedly enjoyed only by Chinese kings and aristocrats, emits a delectable, intoxicating, oriental scent