Lamberts Artichoke 8250mg, Artichoke Dietary Supplement for Indigestion, 180 Tablets

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The first historically recorded reference to the use of artichoke as an herb dates back to the 4th century BC. It is also known as Globe Artichoke and belongs to the Asteraceae plant family which also includes Milk Thistle. This plant has large purple and green flowers, a feature that distinguishes it from the Jerusalem Artichoke, the edible root variety.
Historical accounts of the herb’s traditional use relate to improving the digestion of fatty foods.
The active ingredients of artichoke are found in the leaves of the plant. The most important active ingredient is the chemical cynarin. Lamberts Artichoke is a high content artichoke extract, titrated with 5% cynarin to deliver a guaranteed 16mg of cynarin per tablet.
Like all Lamberts products it is manufactured in the UK to strict Pharmaceutical GMP standards.

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