Lanes Liposomal Vitamin C 1000mg for Immune 10 ampoules x 10ml

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Lanes Vitamin C 1000mg Liposomal Nutritional Supplement for Strengthening the Immune System 10pcs x 10ml


Lanes Vitamin C 1000mg in liposomal form is an ideal supplement for the normal function of the immune system, due to the advanced release technology that provides vitamin C integrated in liposomes, resulting in enhanced absorption and increased bioavailability of vitamin C.


Liposomes are composed of phospholipids, vitamin C is incorporated into them, which upon taking the product is absorbed by the body to contribute to the normal functioning of the immune & nervous system and to the protection of cells from oxidative stress. Vitamin C contributes to the normal functioning of metabolic processes aimed at energy production, to normal psychological functioning and to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. Vitamin C increases the absorption of iron and contributes to the normal formation of collagen for the normal functioning of the skin, cartilage, bones, teeth, scars and blood vessels. In addition, vitamin C contributes to maintaining the normal function of the immune system during and after intense physical exercise.

Recommended for:

People who need to support their immune system with a nutritional supplement of advanced technology so as to achieve enhanced absorption of Vitamin C.

  • Suitable for vegetarians.
  • No added sugar.
  • Gluten & lactose free.