Lanes NightAde, with Melatonin for Natural & Instant Sleep, 90 sublingual tablets
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Lanes NightAde, with Melatonin for Natural & Instant Sleep, 90 sublingual tablets

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Helps Reduce the Time It Takes to Sleep, thanks to its Innovative Format in Dissolving Sublingual Tablets Quickly Has Immediate Action.


NightAde is a diet supplement with melatonin that helps in natural sleep and fast & immediate transition to it. In a single tablet it provides the required amount of melatonin (1mg) which has been shown to help reduce the time one needs to sleep while thanks to its innovative form in sublingual tablets that dissolve quickly has an immediate effect resulting in peak levels in the organization.

Melatonin has been shown in clinical studies to help treat insomnia and improve the quality of sleep for a restful and restful sleep followed by a pleasant awakening, so that the person can respond to his increasing daily activities. At the same time it helps to increase the total sleep time, which results in better sleep quality.

Melatonin is an ingredient produced in the body at night and promotes the onset of sleep. Its normal secretion is from the epiphysis, a small gland in the brain, and occurs during normal sleep time, which is why it is sometimes called the “night hormone.”

It plays an important role in the body’s sleep cycles and is vital for regulating the circadian rhythm, ie the transition of the body’s biological clock from daylight to darkness at night. It is therefore crucial for normal sleep and therefore for the well-being and relaxation of the body that contributes to good health.

It has also been used to regulate the circadian system in people with jet-lacquer, in shift workers, in sleep disorders, such as delayed sleep onset, and in sleep problems experienced by the elderly. According to scientific data and according to the evaluation of the EFSA (European Commission for Food Safety), melatonin in the amount of 1mg, helps to reduce the time one needs to sleep and to alleviate the subjective feeling of time lag of the biological clock (jet lag).

Beneficial results are ensured with a minimum intake of at least 0.5 mg of melatonin before bedtime, on the 1st day of the trip & a few days after arrival at the destination, so that the body synchronizes to the new hour.


Advantages of Use

It provides the required amount (1mg of melatonin) in a single tablet that helps reduce the time one needs to sleep while at the same time it has an immediate effect thanks to its form (sublingual tablets) that dissolve quickly to peak levels of the substance in the body.

Recommended in:

People who have difficulty sleeping

Those who have disturbed sleep with intermittent awakenings

People working in night or alternating shifts

Those who travel and have difficulty sleeping due to a change of time at the place of destination or change of place but

In the elderly and in those who generally have difficulty sleeping.