Liposan Hydro Care SPF15 Loose
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Liposan Hydro Care SPF15 Loose

2,65  Με Φ.Π.Α

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Available from 4 to 10 days

Are your lips thirsty for hydration? Liposan Hydro Care offers intense and long-lasting hydration to dry lips. Enriched with pure water and aloe vera, the composition makes even the driest lips soft and smooth again. The innovative composition of Liposan locks in moisture deeply, supporting the natural hydration process for even smoother, healthier lips in the future. It is incredibly light, leaving a soft effect, as it does not stick to the lips and a pleasant, gentle scent. Color and Shine Hydro Care is a very light, non-greasy formula that is quickly absorbed, leaving your lips with a refreshing, natural, colorless effect.