Neutrogena Cellular Boost De-Aging Day Care Anti-Aging Face Day Cream with SPF20 50ml
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Neutrogena Cellular Boost De-Aging Day Care Anti-Aging Face Day Cream with SPF20 50ml

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Neutrogena® Cellular Boost Day Cream SPF20 Anti-Aging Face Cream with clinically tested composition containing:

Hexinol κατά anti-aging technology, inspired by nature, which activates the production of natural collagen and elastin and promotes the renewal of the skin surface ***.

Vitamin C *, which helps to correct uneven skin tone and reduce dark spots.

Visible results in just four weeks **.

The benefits of Neutrogena® Cellular Boost Anti-Aging Face Cream SPF20 Day Cream are:

Contains Hyaluronic Acid

Contains Hexinol ™ and Vitamin C to help reduce wrinkles & correct uneven skin tone

Significantly improves elasticity.

Systematic use helps nourish the skin.

Clinically proven

Suitable for sensitive skin

With SPF20 for protection from the negative effects of exposure to sunlight

Neutrogena® collaborated with dermatologists to create the composition Neutrogena® Cellular Boost. The youthful appearance of the skin is maintained for a longer time.

Exhaustion of skin cells is one of the main causes of skin aging, as it slows down the functions of its cells, causing wrinkles, loss of elasticity and uneven skin tone. It is caused by exposure to ultraviolet radiation and pollution, while it is accelerated by stress and fatigue.

* Derivative of vitamin C.

** Clinical study, 42 women, use 2 times a day.

*** in vitro test

Discover the whole range for a complete daily anti-aging treatment.


Extra tips:

Suitable as a make-up base

For greater effectiveness, you can combine it in the morning after using Neutrogena® Cellular Boost Vitamin C Polish (up to 3 times a week)