Nevralip Retard 600 Nutritional Supplement with Antioxidant & Neurotrophic Action 30 tabs
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Nevralip Retard 600 Nutritional Supplement with Antioxidant & Neurotrophic Action 30 tabs

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NEVRALIP 600MG retard is a unique 9-ingredient antioxidant combination:

alpha lipoic acid 600mg

3 trace elements (selenium, zinc and chromium picolinate), and

5 vitamins (B1, B5, B6, biotin, and vitamin E).

which have strong synergistic antioxidant and neurotrophic properties.

NEVRALIP 600MG retard will help you deal with pain due to:

Peripheral and diabetic neuropathies

Sciatica, back pain, cervical syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome


NEVRALIP 600MG retard is safe, without side effects and interactions and can be used alone or in combination with other analgesic treatments. The retard form ensures effectiveness with one tablet daily.



The 9 ingredients contained in NEVRALIP 600MG retard act synergistically and give strong antioxidant and neurotrophic properties to the formulation.

The synergistic and multiple antioxidant properties of 5 components of NEVRALIP 600MG retard, (alpha lipoic acid, zinc, selenium, picolino chromium and vitamin E) reduce nerve cell damage caused by free radicals (oxidative)

The B vitamin complex contained in NEVRALIP 600MG retard and specifically vitamin B1 (thiamine), also known as the vitamin against peripheral nerve damage (neuritis), protects the nerves from degeneration.

NEVRALIP 600MG retard stabilizes nerve cells, improves the speed of communication between them and helps reduce symptoms such as pain and numbness.

The combination of ingredients contained in NEVRALIP 600MG retard is specially designed to provide you with multiple benefits.

It is especially useful in diabetic patients because it helps regulate blood sugar:

Alpha lipoic acid stabilizes blood glucose levels.

Picolinate chromium and biotin lower glucose, cholesterol and triglyceride levels in patients with type 2 diabetes. While the combination of picolinate chromium and biotin contributes to even better glycemic control in people with type 2 diabetes.

Zinc has beneficial effects on insulin resistance to glucose and lipids in patients with diabetes or metabolic syndrome

Selenium helps with glucose metabolism

NEVRALIP 600MG retard helps in weight loss because 4 of the ingredients it contains, alpha lipoic acid, picolinic chromium, biotin and zinc have been shown in studies to help in weight loss.


It helps to protect your heart because:

Alpha lipoic acid protects the endothelium and improves its dysfunction

Selenium has a protective role for the heart while its deficiency has been associated with an increased risk of heart disease

Zinc intake is associated with a reduced risk of atherosclerosis

DOSAGE: 1 tablet daily with plenty of water or juice and on an empty stomach