NUK Cool All-Around Denture Ring (10.256.451)
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NUK Cool All-Around Denture Ring (10.256.451)

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NUK Teeth Ring Cool All-Around with refreshing elements, from 3 months, 1 piece

NUK Toothpaste Cool All-Around: Reaches every part of the baby’s mouth and soothes teeth

Sooner or later the moment comes when your baby starts to put in his mouth whatever he catches with his little hands. At the same time, the frequent flow of saliva begins, as well as the very light sleep. All of the above are indications that his first teeth are rising. Especially for babies, this can be an unpleasant experience because teething is a particularly painful stage. Babies often want to chew and bite something to reduce the pain of teething. The NUK Cool All-Around teething ring contributes to this by massaging the gums and facilitating the teething process. The fresheners and massage elements of the teething ring are designed so that they reach every part of the mouth. This way, your baby can get his smile again!

Refreshing Teething Ring: Intense Cooling and Massage for Teething Babies

The NUK Cool All-Around teething ring has four refreshing elements, which are filled with sterile water. Therefore, you can store the rings in the refrigerator and cool them properly. Cooling the gums soothes your baby during teething. However, be careful: Teething rings are not placed in the freezer! If they are too cold, they can cause frostbite on the lips and mucous membranes. In addition, the different surfaces give variety and a gentle massage during the bite. This soothes your baby’s mouth. At the same time, constant chewing efforts stimulate the flow of saliva.

Practical Help for Your Baby Teething: NUK Teething Rings

Our practical teething rings are suitable not only for the stage of your baby’s teething, but they are also a special toy: the colorful turtles sharpen the feeling of your baby’s touch through their different textures, while they are ideal for baby fingers, since they are easy to touch and hold thanks to their large opening

The NUK Cool All-Around teething ring is not sterilized by boiling. We recommend cleaning with hot water and mild dishwashing liquid and then thorough drying.