NUK Disney Mickey training food set 6+ months (80.890.653)
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NUK Disney Mickey training food set 6+ months (80.890.653)

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Available from 4 to 10 days

Disney Mickey NUK food training set: the complete solution for the food training process

Exercise brings perfection – so, comes the time when your child should start eating on his own. The feeding on the part of mom and dad is slowly coming to an end. Now the child must learn to eat and drink on his own. To facilitate this process and free you from any concept, we recommend the Disney Mickey NUK educational food set, which will help your child to eat and drink on their own, thanks to the specially designed shapes and useful its functions.

The set includes a deep food plate with a raised rim, which facilitates the use of the spoon and is ideal for your child’s small hands. The same goes for the training cup. The non-slip TPE base provides a secure grip, thus facilitating the experimentation and learning process. Of course, the right cutlery could not be missing. The spoon fork set facilitates and offers safety in your child’s first contact with the spoon and fork. The wide handle and the rounded tips and noses turn the process of food training into a toy!

Are you looking for the right gift for your best friend’s child or a christening or children’s gift? The NUK Disney Mickey training food set is available in a beautiful gift box and is ideal for bringing joy to both young and old.

Appointment with Mickey Mouse – with the new training set of NUK

NUK’s new training food set is not only practical, but it also wins over impressions: the cute and colorful patterns with Mickey Mouse, give your child even more joy in the process of learning food and give him the opportunity to discover through the game, the world of different meals. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, Disney’s favorite character proves to be the best feeding company as it takes your child into the magical world of Disney.

NUK Disney Mickey Training Kit: Suitable for Microwave and Dishwasher

The belly is murmuring – now we are running. The training plate and the glass of the set are the most suitable for heating the food in the microwave oven. This way the food is served quickly, the belly is full and the game can continue, without any whining – the same goes for mom and dad! All utensils of the NUK Disney Mickey training food set are easily cleaned in the dishwasher and are ready to use again.