Nuk Easy Learning Soft Food Spoon , 4m + 2pcs (10.255.065)
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Nuk Easy Learning Soft Food Spoon , 4m + 2pcs (10.255.065)

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with hollow silicone section

Extremely soft

Specially designed for baby’s mouth

With a very long, non-slip handle

For children from 4 months and up

Facilitates the transition to the phase where the child learns to eat on his own

The more active your child becomes, the more his or her nutritional needs increase. The first solid foods are usually given between five and seven months. The NUK EASY LEARNING soft food spoon facilitates the transition from breastfeeding or bottle feeding for you and your baby.

with extremely soft hollow silicone section, which facilitates the transition to feeding with the spoon

with a shape specially designed for the baby’s mouth and rounded edges

with a very long handle, for food in tall jars

ergonomically designed non-slip handle for secure grip

High quality plastic, suitable for microwave ovens and dishwashers

All products of the NUK EASY LEARNING series are designed to complement each other, contributing in their own way to your child’s development.

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