Nuk Flexi Cup Color Changing Tumbler With Straw 12m+ Pink 300ml (10.255.575)

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NUK Flexi Cup color changing sippy cup, soft silicone straw, 300ml, leak proof, BPA free, from 12 months

NUK Flexi Cup color changing sippy cup – Changing color changes how your little one drinks too!
That means fun! Now there’s something that makes drinking even more fun for kids! The color-changing NUK Flexi Cup keeps kids going crazy as its design changes when the cup heats up or cools down. You won’t believe your eyes. Your little ones won’t want to let it out of their hands.
Whether in the bathtub or while drinking chamomile or playing with ice cubes or any time the cup gets too hot or too cold, your child will notice the color change. How? The designs on NUK color changing cups are heat sensitive. The color disappears or appears each time the tumbler heats or cools. At room temperature, this is achieved even with warm hands. On a winter walk, you can see the color change if you fill the glass with some warm liquid, such as chamomile. In the bathtub, pour some cold water or some ice cubes, to watch the color change fun. Use your imagination for endless games. And when a cup is so exciting, children show more interest in drinking on their own, naturally and with great joy.
Of course, NUK color-changing cups also provide protection against leaks. You’ll find the signature color-changing effect on a whole range of NUK tumblers. Suitable for babies who are 12 months or older, up to the over 24 month age group.
NUK Flexi Cup 300ml, cup with soft silicone straw, protection against leaks, for children from 12 months
Now kids drink and have fun safely! For children from 12 months: Children at this age love to drink with a straw. With the NUK Flexi Cup, they can easily and fun consume the daily amount of fluids recommended by nutritionists. And without a drop escaping: an innovative valve protects against leaks and prevents residual liquid from being retained in the straw. So, even when you open the mug, the straw does not splash.
The NUK Flexi Cup cooler is available in trendy colors and at the same time has all the advantages of a polypropylene product: it is durable and light and does not contain bisphenol A. In addition, the NUK Flexi Cup is compatible with all NUK First Choice products. It complements the proven value NUK First Choice range and is an ideal solution for active, thirsty children.
NUK Pagouraki Flexi Cup – and drinking liquids becomes 100% fun. For children from 12 months.
NUK tumblers comply with the European safety standard EN14350.