Nuk For Nature PP Baby Bottle With Temperature Control Indicator & Silicone Nipple Medium 6-18m (10742004) 260ml

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Nuk For Nature PP Baby Bottle With Temperature Control Indicator & Silicone Nipple Medium 6-18m (10742004) 260ml


  • Made from 100% sustainable materials (mass balance method)*
  • From raw materials to production with green electricity, it is environmentally friendly and has the smallest possible carbon footprint
  • 100% recyclable paper packaging with FSC certification
  • Natural feeling when feeding: nipple with extra wide base and soft tip with multiple tiny holes – a familiar feeling similar to a mother’s breast
  • With Temperature Control Indicator, BPA free, 150ml: S size nipple with 3 tiny holes (for slow flow speed), 260ml: M size nipple with 6 tiny holes (for medium flow speed), compatible with all accessories NUK for Nature and NUK Nature Sense series

NUK for Nature Temperature Indicator Baby Bottle, with sustainable silicone nipple, breast-designed, BPA-free, 1pc

260ml: size M with 6 tiny holes (for moderate flow speed)

NUK for Nature Baby Bottle with Temperature Control Indicator – supports breastfeeding in a sustainable way

Because what supports sustainability is naturally better. For this reason the NUK for Nature bottle is made from 100% sustainable materials (mass balance process). The soft nipple is made of sustainable silicone, and the rest of the bottle is made of sustainable plastic*. For all NUK for Nature products we use 100% recyclable paper packaging, certified according to the FSC sustainable forest management standard. And to reduce the carbon footprint even further, everything from raw materials to green electricity production is optimized to be climate friendly.

Natural feel is essential when feeding. It is therefore important that the NUK for Nature bottle gives the baby the same feeding sensation as breastfeeding. This is confirmed by 98% of mothers.** This unique natural feeling is due to the nipple designed according to the mother’s nipple. Down to the last detail. The NUK for Nature teat has a particularly wide and flexible base and multiple tiny holes – just like the mammary glands of a mother’s breast. Thanks to the NUK Anti-Colic System both babies and parents are calm. All these elements allow for optimal and even better natural flow. Added to all this is the innovation of the NUK Temperature Control Indicator which turns from blue to white when the contents of the bottle are too hot.

Important: The NUK Temperature Control Indicator is considered an additional control. Therefore, the temperature should again be checked manually before feeding. To test the temperature of the contents, put a few drops on the inside of your wrist.

The nipple is available in three, six or nine tiny holes. Depending on the strength of each infant’s sucking, these different hole options allow optimal milk flow.

For these reasons, and for many others, the NUK for Nature baby bottle is recommended by midwives and paediatricians** and is the favorite choice of eco-conscious parents.

NUK for Nature. The sustainable baby bottle

*These sustainable materials come from 100% natural raw materials. They are compatible with the mass balance approach and are certified to ISCC PLUS (plastics) and REDcert2 (silicone) standards.

**Independent Market Research in Germany, 2016.

The bottle complies with the European Safety Standard EN14350.

Carefully read the warnings and instructions inside. Save the product information and serial number. item/LOT for future use.