Nuk First Choice Plus Temperature Control Anti-Colic Glass Bottle with Rubber Nipple 120ml for 0-6 Months Ciel Elephants

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Relaxed and safe feeding thanks to the NUK Temperature Control Indicator

When your baby is hungry, the food should be neither too hot nor too cold. That’s why moms and dads check the temperature of food before every meal. So it’s a challenge to know exactly what the right temperature is. For this very reason, NUK created the NUK First Choice+ bottles with Temperature Control Indicator.

This is a feature that has never appeared before in this format. The bottles have a NUK Temperature Control Indicator, thus preventing your baby from being fed very hot food. The Indicator is in the form of a thermometer and the color changes according to the temperature of the contents of the bottle. In the future, this function also helps parents find the ideal temperature of baby food during feeding.

If the food is too hot, the blue indicator turns white. Ideally, the temperature of the food should be the same as the body temperature (37°C) and corresponds to the indication with the middle blue shade. The new Temperature Control Indicator is introduced to NUK First Choice+ bottles made of polyamide and polypropylene. Collector’s editions are excluded.

Important: The NUK Temperature Control Indicator is considered an additional control. That is why the temperature of the food must be checked by hand before the actual feeding. To control the food, a few drops on the inside of the fruit are enough.

The most natural shaped bottle nipple – ideal for your baby

NUK First Choice has been consumers’ first choice for baby bottles designed for breastfeeding for years. With the NUK FirstChoice + teat we managed to get even closer to the natural way of feeding, with the aim of healthy development of the child’s jaw and simulating as much as possible the feeling of breastfeeding from the mother’s breast.

Natural shape, adapted to the shape of the jaw
The special shape of the NUK nipple was designed based on the shape of the mother’s breast during breastfeeding. It leaves the tongue and jaws enough space for natural mammalian movements.

Soft as a mother’s breast
The new soft zone Softzone is designed to adapt the silicone teat to the palate even better – for a natural breastfeeding sensation.

The improved Anti-Colic Air System ensures natural fluid flow. So your baby can drink easily without swallowing air at the same time.

Clinically tested*
Its particularly natural shape makes the NUK teat especially loved by babies. For this reason, it is ideal for babies who combine breastfeeding with a bottle.

Baby bottle made of light, durable polypropylene:

Practical NUK Temperature Control Indicator, which changes from blue (cold) to white (very hot)

Without harmful substances and odors, it does not contain bisphenol A

Easy filling and cleaning, thanks to the particularly wide neck of the bottle

Secure grip and support, thanks to the slightly curved shape of the bottle with the wide base
Compatible with all NUK First Choice products

*Scientific study: Moral et al. BMC Pediatrics 2010, 10:6. For more information please see:

**Independent market research of 205 mothers, Germany 2018
99% of mothers confirm that the NUK First Choice+ bottle does not cause colic.