Nuk My First Nuk Welcome Set Baby 8 pieces in Bag 1pc (10.256.412)
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Nuk My First Nuk Welcome Set Baby 8 pieces in Bag 1pc (10.256.412)

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My First Nuk

Nuk Genius Silicone Pacifier

Extremely soft – minimizes pressure on the jaw and teeth

Ensures complete freedom of movement for the language

Natural orthodontic shape, like a mother’s breast when breastfeeding

Features that make NUK Genius unique

In collaboration with the doctor of dentistry Dr. med. dent. von Treuenfels and taking advantage of the latest developments in medicine and technology, we managed to design a pacifier that is not limited to calming the child but also contributes to his overall healthy development. As shown in the picture, the innovation is in the detail. For more information click here: The NUK scheme

Extremely soft

Maximum softness and flexibility: the built-in soft ducts along the nipple minimize the pressure on the jaw and teeth.

More space

The special concave shape ensures the maximum possible space for the movements of the tongue.

Natural shape

The orthodontic shape of the pacifier resembles the mother’s breast when breastfeeding.


Air can escape when the nipple is compressed. In this way the pacifier remains soft and pliable and adapts perfectly to the child’s oral cavity.

Extremely safe

The integrated stability design strengthens the silicone nipple and provides additional security.

The silicone …

contains no harmful substances and has a pleasantly soft surface

it is odorless and has a neutral taste

is extremely resistant to temperature and light

it is less elastic than rubber and therefore should be replaced as soon as the first signs of wear appear (eg scratches, scratches, bites or even small holes).

Nuk Suction Case

For hygienic storage when the pacifier is not used or transported.

With a small shape that fits in all bags.

Suitable for all NUK pacifiers.

Nuk Brush

Brush from soft natural hair

Gentle enough for your baby’s sensitive head

Perfectly suitable for everyday use:

The brush, made of very soft natural hair, gently massages your baby’s sensitive scalp.

The special design of the handle ensures a secure grip.

An impressive product that combines soft and hard materials.

Nuk Cool Teething Rings Set

Set of two rings: Classic and Cool

They massage and cool the pain spots, along the entire length of the jaws

They help prevent caries by stimulating the flow of saliva

They are resistant to bites and do not contain liquid

For carefree teething

For many babies, the appearance of the first teeth can be an extremely unpleasant experience. So they need even more affection and care, but also products that can facilitate this important stage of their development, while giving them the opportunity to have fun and satisfy their natural need for play.

The NUK Cool Teething Ring Kit helps your child in a number of ways:

The Classic ring massages the palate and gums, while the Cool ring cools and soothes the areas of pain, without containing liquid!

Thanks to their ergonomic shape, the rings easily reach any part of the child’s jaw.

Chewing movements stimulate the flow of saliva, which in turn helps prevent tooth decay.

Finally, thanks to their bright colors, the embossed surface, the different contour and texture and the ability to be assembled, the durable rings are ideal for the child to grab, feel and play with.

Nuk Safety Scissors

With rounded tips and protective cover

Safe care for tiny hands

The NUK safety pad is suitable for the hands of babies and toddlers.

Cuts safely and accurately

With rounded noses

Stainless steel blades

Handle made of soft non-slip material

With protective lid for safe storage

Nuk Training Toothbrush Set

Set of 2 pieces and protective ring

NUK teething aid, which works as a chewing gum and at the same time massages specific areas, relieving the pain of teething

NUK brushing training aid, for the gentle cleaning of the first teeth

With non-slip safety handle and protective ring that does not allow the brush to penetrate too deep into the baby’s mouth

Proper dental care from day one:

In order for a child to develop healthy teeth without caries, it is necessary for his parents to start oral hygiene education from a very early age – even before his first teeth appear.

The NUK set of educational toothbrushes ensures that your child gradually becomes familiar with regular brushing. The teething aid massages specific areas of the palate and gums, relieving the pain of teething. The brushing aid gently cleans the first teeth with its soft and bite-resistant embossed rubber surface. Your child will learn the right brushing movements almost without realizing it.

Both training brushes have non-slip safety handles and a regular toothbrush shape. The set also includes a protective ring, which does not allow the brush to penetrate too deep into the mouth, while it also acts as a base.