NUK Nipple First Choice + 6-18m Silicone against colic, medium hole for food M, 1 pc (10.721.278)

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NUK First Choice + Silicone Nipple Against Colic Size 1 Medium 6-18m

Silicone nipple against colic from 6-18 months medium (For liquids such as milk)

Physical shape, fitted to the jaw: nipple design is based on the shape of the nipple during breastfeeding

As soft as possible: for a familiar feeling when feeding

Colic prevention: improved anti-colic system Anti-Colic Air System

Compatible with NUK First Choice baby bottles and NUK breast milk collection containers

Available in size 1, 0-6 months, S (small hole = for thin liquids), M (medium hole = for milk), L (Thick liquids) and size 2, 6-18 months, S (small hole = for thin liquids) liquids), M (medium hole = for milk), L (large hole = for viscous liquids), XL (For milk with cereals)

1 piece per package