Nuk First Choice Plus Temperature Control Gray Winnie Anti-Colic Baby Bottle with Silicone Nipple 300ml [10 .741.035]

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NUK First Choice & Winnie the Pooh Plastic Baby Bottle Silicone Nipple M 0-6m Gray 300ml


  • Super soft silicone teat, ideal for the jaw, 0-6 months M (middle hole = for baby milk)
  • Anti-colic – the NUK Anti-Colic Air System ensures natural flow
  • Clinically tested: For the ideal combination of breastfeeding and bottle use
  • Made of high quality polypropylene, BPA free, 150ml capacity

The head of Winnie the Pooh, the most popular teddy bear, adorns the NUK collection with tender patterns. Tigris and Garis accompany Winnie on NUK products. With courage, curiosity and above all companionship, Winnie the Pooh and his friends face each new adventure. Discover the collection now!

NUK’s First Choice range has been consumers’ first choice of baby bottles designed for breastfeeding for years. With NUK First Choice+ products, we have managed to get even closer to the natural way of feeding, with the aim of the healthy development of the child’s jaw and simulating as much as possible the feeling of breastfeeding from the mother’s breast.

The special shape of the NUK nipple is based on the shape the mother’s nipple takes when the baby is breastfeeding. It provides the necessary space for your baby’s tongue and jaw to make natural breastfeeding movements with ease.

The improved Anti-Colic Air System ensures natural fluid flow. So your baby can drink easily without swallowing air at the same time.

Its particularly natural shape makes the NUK teat particularly popular with nursing infants. For this reason it is ideal for babies who combine bottle feeding with breast feeding.


Free of fragrances and harmful substances – BPA free

Easy to fill and clean – with extra wide mouth

Secure grip and base – bottle that tapers slightly in the middle and has a wide base

Compatible with all NUK FIRST CHOICE products

Package: 1 Piece