Nuk Signature Orthodontic Silicone Pacifier 18-36m Pink, 1pc
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Nuk Signature Orthodontic Silicone Pacifier 18-36m Pink, 1pc

3,95  Με Φ.Π.Α

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With the best NUK Classic orthodontic teat ever made – for the overall healthy development of the baby

Shield – heart with an even softer, curved shape

Thin and narrow neck – reduces pressure on jaws and teeth

Flat front, smooth underside – for a more pleasant mouth feel and more room for natural mammalian movements

Reusable pacifier case

Look at that little face! It has the unique expression that babies have when they satisfy their innate desire for mammalian movement. NUK Signature pacifiers continue to meet this natural need with the all-natural NUK shape. The innovative.

It is modeled after the mother’s breast during breastfeeding and thus supports healthy oral development. Because it has been proven: natural mammalian movement not only ensures food intake, but also helps to develop important skills, such as the correct way of swallowing, chewing and also, later, speaking.

The NUK Signature pacifier is so flat, thin and narrow that it fits perfectly in small mouths and leaves the tongue enough room for natural sucking movements. 100% of orthodontists recognize that this is the correct shape and confirm that NUK pacifiers do not cause crooked teeth or malalignment of the jaw.*

But now, the ever-popular NUK pacifier also has a great new look: the curved shape of the famous shield-heart becomes softer and the cute loop is renewed in an even more elegant version.

*Independent market research: 50 orthodontists, 50 paediatricians, 50 midwives, Germany 2017.