Nuk Soft & Easy Manual Breast Pump 1pc (10252086)
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Nuk Soft & Easy Manual Breast Pump 1pc (10252086)

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Ideal fit and pleasant massage sensation thanks to the soft silicone pad

Easy to use and clean thanks to the limited number of components available

Facilitates uniform pumping, ideal for small pumping of milk before breastfeeding

Mild suction pressure helps to address the problem of inverted nipples

NEW! Compatible with NUK Classic nipples and mouthpieces (not included in the package)

Undoubtedly, breastfeeding is the best a mother can offer her child. There are, however, circumstances in which mothers must combine breastfeeding with other activities or responsibilities.

Therefore, the breast pump is the ideal alternative. You can pump the beneficial breast milk for your baby with the help of manual or electric breastfeeding, and at the same time maintain milk production for the next breastfeeding. This way you can gain more independence during breastfeeding.

That’s why NUK designed the Soft & Easy manual breast pump. Facilitates smooth and uniform pumping and is ideal for occasional use. The soft and embossed silicone pad fits perfectly and offers a pleasant feeling of massage on the chest. The limited number of components facilitates its use and cleaning, while its wide base offers stable support.

NEW! The breast roller can be used directly and as a baby bottle, for the convenience of the mother. The cylinder is compatible with all NUK Classic nipples and NUK Classic nozzles. The NUK Classic nipple and mouthpiece are not included in the package.

For more independence during breastfeeding:

NUK Soft & Easy Breast pump – Soft and easy.