Nuk Star Orthodontic Latex Pacifier for 0-6m+ White with Heart, Ring and Case 1 Piece [10 .726.062]

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The new Nuk Star pacifier, with a Latex nipple, simulates a woman’s breast during breastfeeding

For our little ones there are many exciting adventures to live every day. That’s why the pacifier is a trusted friend that gives your baby security and calms him down. Regardless of whether your baby becomes anxious from unfamiliar faces, sounds or some foreign environment, he will immediately calm down due to the soothing and instinctive sucking of the pacifier.

In order to continuously improve the feeling of comfort, Nuk, creator of the orthodontic shaped pacifier, further improved its original shape. It simulates a woman’s breast during breastfeeding and adapts perfectly to the baby’s mouth. The special feature of this pacifier is that it is particularly thin and narrow, so as to reduce the pressure on the teeth and jaw.
The flat nipple and the soft underside provide a pleasant sensation in the mouth and provide the tongue with plenty of room for natural breastfeeding movements. Nuk pacifiers adapt amazingly to the baby’s palate, and for this reason your baby can accept them quickly*. So we take care of your baby’s relaxation as well as yours.

Recommended by experts: The new Nuk pacifiers soothe your baby like no other.

Your baby’s overall healthy development is our main concern. That’s why we want every Nuk baby to get a pacifier that is as natural and orthodontically shaped as possible. The continuous scientific development of Nuk’s original jaw-shaped shape makes the new NUK pacifier better than ever and suitable even for breastfed babies.
Breastfeeding mothers have confirmed to us that the Nuk pacifier does not affect breastfeeding*. In this way, Nuk also takes care of the peace and rest of new mothers.

In addition, Nuk pacifiers do not cause distortion of the teeth or jaw closure. This is ensured by the narrow, flat and thin nipple, which minimizes the pressure on the small teeth and the jaw and leaves enough space on the tongue for natural breastfeeding movements. One more reason why the new Nuk pacifier is recognized and recommended by midwives, pediatricians and orthodontists.

Even the test results are clearly in favor of the new pacifier: 100%** of the orthodontists surveyed said that the new Nuk pacifier does not cause teeth distortion or jaw closure, 95%* of babies accept the Nuk pacifier, 90%* of mothers recommend it and 92%* of breastfeeding mothers confirm that the new Nuk pacifier does not affect breastfeeding.

*Independent market research, 307 mothers, Germany 2017
** Independent market research, 50 orthodontists, 50 paediatricians and 50 midwives (representatively selected), Germany 2017

The Nuk Star pacifier impresses not only with its soft colors and cute patterns. The anatomically designed pacifier shield with flat button helps to prevent marks on baby’s face when they sleep on their face or side. The transparent silicone material is easy to clean and withstands high temperatures. It does not contain harmful substances, is resistant to boiling, is odorless, transparent and has a smooth surface.

All Nuk pacifiers feature the Nuk Air System. Through a valve, air escapes from the teat, so that the pacifier remains soft and pliable and relieves the jaw.