NUK Teeth Ring All Stages (10.256.454)
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NUK Teeth Ring All Stages (10.256.454)

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NUK Toothbrush All Stages with different degrees of hardness, from 3 months, 1 piece

NUK Teething Ring All Stages: The ideal companion in all stages of teething

The first months of your baby’s life are a beautiful and exciting time. Your baby begins to know the environment, and his body develops. This process includes the appearance of the first teeth. The NUK All Stages Teething Ring soothes toothache pains. The special feature of this teething ring is that it has soft and hard surfaces. Thus, due to the variety of textures and massages they offer, your baby’s changing needs are met during the teething stage. Thanks to its shape, the NUK All Stages Teething Ring reaches every part of the mouth, from the incisors to the molars. In addition, its special texture gives a pleasant massage to the gums and palate. Thanks to the variety of experiences offered by holding and biting the ring, your baby is distracted from the pains of teething and the baby finds his smile again.

NUK’s help during teething: a combination of support and fun

Our teething rings massage our gums, but they are also ideal for playing, so as to make the teething as enjoyable as possible. The sea horse stimulates your baby’s attention, thanks to its cute design, and invites him to immerse himself in his underwater world. The NUK All Stages Teething Ring is easy to hold, as it adapts to children’s hands. All our teething aids are made from high quality synthetic materials and do not contain bisphenol A (BPA). Therefore, they are, without a doubt, suitable for playing and chewing.