Nuk Toothpaste Ring Set Cool Blue 3m + 2pcs (10.256.225)

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Nuk Cool Teething Rings Set

Set of two rings: Classic and Cool

They massage and cool the points where the pain is located, along the entire length of the jaws

They help prevent caries by stimulating the flow of saliva

They are resistant to bites and do not contain liquid

For carefree teething

For many babies, the appearance of the first teeth can be an extremely unpleasant experience. So they need even more affection and care, but also products that can facilitate this important stage of their development, while giving them the opportunity to have fun and satisfy their natural need for play.

The NUK Cool Teething Ring Kit helps your child in a number of ways:

The Classic ring massages the palate and gums, while the Cool ring cools and soothes the areas of pain, without containing liquid!

Thanks to their ergonomic shape, the rings easily reach any part of the child’s jaw.

Chewing movements stimulate the flow of saliva, which in turn helps prevent tooth decay.

Finally, thanks to their bright colors, the embossed surface, the different contour and texture and the ability to be assembled, the durable rings are ideal for the child to grab them, touch them and play with them.

Colors & Designs:

Available in various colors.

The plans are indicative and may change.

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