O.B. ProComfort Normal for Normal Flow 8pcs
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O.B. ProComfort Normal for Normal Flow 8pcs

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o.b. ProComfort Normal 8 Tampons with Dynamic Fit ™ technology for ultimate comfort * & reliable protection

Dynamic Fit technology with a three-dimensional structure ensures the perfect fit to the body shape and contributes to the efficient absorption and transfer of liquid to the upper part of the tampon thanks to the interconnected grooves. With SilkTouch. Cover for easy installation.

Suitable for days with moderate flow.

* in the o.b.® product line

Which o.b.® is best for me?


The spiral groove o.b.® was specially developed to direct the fluid more efficiently inside the tampon.

o.b.® ProComfort® – the most comfortable o.b.® PROTECTION

The o.b.® ProComfort® tampons combine the technology with spiral grooves for reliable protection, with the unique SilkTouch ™ cover which is designed to give you the smoothest installation and removal of the o.b.®

For light flow and for girls using tampons for the first time:

o.b.® ProComfort® Mini

o.b.® ProComfort® Light Days


For light to moderate flow:

o.b.® ProComfort® Normal

o.b.® OriginalTM Normal


For medium to high flow:

o.b.® ProComfort® Super

o.b.® OriginalTM Super


For high flow and very high flow:

o.b.® OriginalTM Super Plus