Octonion Kids 3 Years+ Cough & Cold Syrup 200ml
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Octonion Kids 3 Years+ Cough & Cold Syrup 200ml

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Cough and cold syrup express a new, innovative approach to treating colds, scientifically documented and 100% Greek, since the products are designed and produced entirely in Greece. Their composition is based on a unique recipe of natural ingredients and the necessary amount of vitamin C for colds and is a documented basis of the latest bibliographic data of the EMA. (European Medicines Agency) and the E.S.C.O.P. (European Scientific Organization for Phytotherapy).

Herbal syrup that relieves the symptoms of a cold (cough, runny nose), soothes an irritated throat and strengthens the body’s defenses, due to its ingredients. Food supplement with natural extracts, compatible with homeopathic treatments.

It relieves cough
It has mucolytic and anti-inflammatory properties
Soothes an irritated throat
It offers 165mg of vitamin C daily
Strengthens the body’s defenses
It has a balanced composition and traditionally proven action
In addition to the cough, it also helps with the runny nose
It is compatible with homeopathic treatment