Otrisalin Flexible Disposable Spare Parts 20pcs

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NOVARTIS Otrisalin 20 Flexible Spare Parts

When your baby’s nose is blocked, it becomes difficult to breathe. His normal condition changes because he can not breathe, cries, has difficulty eating and does not sleep well.

Otrisalin Nasal Obstruction Device is designed to remove nasal secretions that cause discomfort to your baby. Easy to use, safe and hygienic, the Otrisalin Nasal Obstruction Device helps your baby breathe and feel good again. Its new ergonomic shape with anatomical handle ensures better handling.

Otrisalin Nasal Obstruction Device uses spare disposable nozzles made of flexible material that fit perfectly into the baby’s nostrils. Each of them contains an absorbent filter that guarantees absolute hygiene.


This entry concerns only 20 pcs of disposable spare parts. The nasal obstruction device is sold separately.