Otrisalin Plastic Ampoules Disposable Saline 30x5ml + GIFT 18 Ampoules

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Saline solution (ampoules) for cleaning and moisturizing the nose.

Gently cleanses the nasal cavities

Moisturizes the nasal mucosa

Helps remove nasal secretions

Otrisalin ampoules are recommended for:

Gently clean the nasal cavities when the nose is blocked, for example during a cold or in allergic conditions, flushing out excess mucus or allergenic particles such as dust or pollen

Hydration of the nasal mucosa when it is dry or irritated, in cases of minor nasal irritations or due to low humidity (for example in heated / air-conditioned rooms, high altitude, air travel)

Diluting and moisturizing nasal secretions to help remove them.

Otrisalin ampoules are especially suitable for daily cleaning of babies’ noses, which are not yet able to blow their noses:

Daily cleansing dilutes nasal mucus and helps remove excess nasal secretions, which can change the quality of life of infants (poor sleep, difficulty feeding). Helps babies breathe and feel better again.

In case of excess mucus, the use of Otrisalin nasal obstruction is recommended immediately after instillation of the solution. Concomitant use of Otrisalin nasal obstruction with saline solution facilitates the removal of mucus from the nose and thus helps reduce the risk of further complications such as otitis, sinusitis and / or cough. It also improves the sleep quality of babies during a cold episode.