Pharmalead Emostatic Sterile Gauzes with Calcium Alginate 5x5cm 5pcs
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Pharmalead Emostatic Sterile Gauzes with Calcium Alginate 5x5cm 5pcs

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Extremely flexible pads, with high absorbency and soft texture. Sterilized by radiation (C-rays), for greater safety. They offer good biological compatibility and wound drainage, thanks to the vegetable extract of Alginium and the mixture of Calcium Ions they contain.

Soft and easy to apply, with high absorbency. Indicated for mild bleeding, minor injuries & superficial wounds, as they speed up the healing process by protecting against infections.

Ideal for mild bleeding.
They facilitate healing.
Indicated for minor injuries and superficial wounds.

Protects against infections.
It renews the cells of the stratum corneum of the skin.
It speeds up the healing process.
Wash the wound with saline and gently apply the pad around the wound. When the pad is impregnated with Alginate Salt, it needs to be replaced in time. In the initial stage, the patch must be replaced every 24 hours. The Calcium Alginate pad can be left on for up to 7 days, depending on the patient’s condition. Carefully remove the secondary dressing, then gently remove the Calcium Alginate pad from the wound and discard. If the wound appears dry, moisten the dressing with sterile saline before removing it. If required, wash the wound area with an appropriate wound cleanser before applying the patch.
PACKAGING: 5 Pads 5x5cm