Pharmasept Aid, Disposable Analgesic Patch with Herbal Extracts 1pc
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Pharmasept Aid, Disposable Analgesic Patch with Herbal Extracts 1pc

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Disposable analgesic patch with herbal extracts

Immediately stops muscle and joint pain, contractions, rheumatic pain, injuries, neck pain and back pain. Provides action for 24 hours without burning or freezing the applied area.

Medical device (CE)

Active ingredients:

Devil’s Claw

Plant, with strong anti-inflammatory properties, comparable to those of cortisone and even without side effects. It is mainly used to treat arthritis, rheumatism, muscle aches and joint pain.

Arnica extract

Soothes from irritations, increases microcirculation, acts against swelling, muscle pain and helps to treat bruises and pain from rheumatism or cramps.


White willow, famous for its salicylic acid content (the ancestor of aspirin), has been used around the world to relieve joint pain. Willow extract has anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic and astringent properties.

Hypoallergenic product

It does not contain a drug substance


It does not cool or heat up

It leaves no residue and does not stain clothes