Physis & Ideas Oreganic Plus Organic Greek Oregano & Mastic Essential Oil, 30 Capsules

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OREGANIC PLUS are soft capsules containing a combination with an appropriate dose of organic essential oil of selected and biologically certified Greek oregano of the genus [origanum vulgare spp hirtum] together with essential oil of selected Greek mastic from resin of varus tree [Pist. Chia] and organic extra virgin Greek olive oil. Distillation is done exclusively by steam without the use of solvents or other chemicals and is certified by an official certification body for organic products recognized by the European Union.

OREGANIC PLUS is an effective nutritional supplement for the proper functioning of the body at all levels.

Organic Greek oregano essential oil has a particularly high percentage of carvacrol (greater than 80%) while a thymol content is low (less than 3.5%), in order to make the ratio of phenolic components (carvacrol and thymol) safe and effective.

Greek mastic essential oil has high percentages in the components of the acidic fraction, making it of exceptional quality and efficiency.