PhytoBisolvon Complete For Dry & Productive Cough 180g
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PhytoBisolvon Complete For Dry & Productive Cough 180g

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PhytoBisolvon Complete is a medical device suitable for coughs (dry and productive coughs) and especially for coughs associated with upper respiratory tract infections.


PhytoBisolvon Complete exerts a dual mechanical action on the irritated mucosa:

    Favors the hydration of mucus, facilitating its normal removal.

    Creates a membrane that protects the mucosa from contact with external irritants.


PhytoBisolvon Complete works thanks to the presence of the Poliflav M.A. a fraction of pentaneur polysaccharides combined with honey for its mucosal properties and a fraction of thyme flavonoids with antioxidant activity that helps protect the mucosa.


PhytoBisolvon Complete is 100% Natural and does not contain preservatives, dyes or other synthetic excipients.

 The natural taste of orange, peach and lemon gives the product a particularly pleasant taste.

 Quantity: 180g

instructions for use

Children 1 to 6 years of age: 1 dosing spoon (5ml) per dose, twice daily.

Children over 6 years: 2 dosing spoons (10ml) per dose, twice a day.

Adults: 2 dosing spoons (10ml) per dose, two / three times a day.


If necessary, take the product up to 4 times a day at short intervals.


Shake before use. Once opened, close the bottle tightly after use.

Use within 3 months after first opening the bottle.