Power Health Bach Rescue Remedy Spray Mood Control Spray 20ml
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Power Health Bach Rescue Remedy Spray Mood Control Spray 20ml

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When we feel whole, happy and positive, we enjoy better health.

We get more out of life and can give more to our friends and family. But sometimes, we need a little help in order to keep our balance and move forward.

Everyday situations such as a visit to the dentist, a job interview, an argument, stress on the wedding day, postponing or canceling pleasant events, fear of a plane trip are dealt with positively and calmly with Rescue Remedy.

Dr. Ε. Bach created a unique combination of 5 flower remedies for emergency situations. Its composition is a pure essence of nature based on plants and flowers, which calms the soul and helps you see things with clearer thinking. Rescue Remedycan fill you with positive emotions and relieve you of mental tensions.

Put 4 drops in some bottled water or directly in the mouth and repeat until you feel relief. If you have the Rescue Remedy spray, spray 2 times in the mouth.

Pregnancy / Breastfeeding : Do not take any preparation during pregnancy and breastfeeding, unless recommended by your doctor.