Power Health Floradix Iron Formula 250ml
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Power Health Floradix Iron Formula 250ml

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The female tonic, rich in fruit juices, special tonic plant extracts, iron and vitamins, which helps you cope with your daily obligations. Floradix reduces the feeling of fatigue, strengthens endurance and defense, gives you energy every day, stimulates body and mood! So what do you choose? A thousand… pieces, or a daily life that you will live… with a thousand, full of health and strength.


20 ml per day, preferably 20-30 minutes before a meal and without taking calcium-rich foods at the same time. For better utilization of nutrients, it is recommended to divide the daily amount into 2 doses before meals (eg 2 times a day from 10 ml).

Each 20ml of Floradix yields 15mg of Fe (II) iron.

Interactions: Iron absorption is delayed when taken concomitantly with calcium, tannins, vitamin E and with drugs such as antacids and tetracyclines