Power Health PROMO PACK Platinum Range Lipolean Formula 60Caps & B-Complex 20Tabs

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Power of Nature PROMO PACK Platinum Range Lipolean Formula 60Caps & B-Complex 20Tabs


To change your body and reach your goal, three steps are needed:

  1. Balanced nutrition
  2. Gentle exercise
  3. Dietary Supplements

Skipping one of the three, the result comes more difficult and slower, because this combination is a guarantee to get a healthy and slim body. This is the truth! With your own determination to change your life and ally Power Health you will feel truly healthy and beautiful!

The food supplement Lipolean Formula is an effective formula rich in lipotropic factors. Its composition contains the clinically studied extract of 3 citrus fruits (Grapefruit, Blood orange, Sweet orange) and guarana Sinetrol® Xpur+ in combination with choline (VitaCholine®), zinc, vitamin B6 and chromium.

+The production process followed for Sinetrol® Xpur confirms the absence of toxic secondary metabolites, such as furanocoumarins and synephrine.

1st clinical study2nd clinical study3rd clinical study
CountryFrance, Paris American HospitalFrance, Paris

American Hospital

Spain, Murcia

Research center

University of Murcia

Time period12 weeks12 weeks16 weeks
Volunteers20 people

BMI: 27-33

Age: 22-55

95 people

BMI: 26-29.9

Age: 22-45

77 people

ΒΜΙ: >25

Age: 29-52

DietNo dietNormal caloric diet

(Harris and Benedict equation)

Normal caloric diet

(Harris and Benedict equation)

Natural activity<30 minutes/week<30 minutes/weekNo exercise requirement

With 3 clinical studies on a total of 192 people supporting its effectiveness, Sinetrol® is a safe solution for reducing excess body weight:

  • Significant weight loss compared to the placebo group
  • 65% total fat loss: Body Mass Index significantly reduced.
  • At the end of the studies, blood measurements showed higher levels of free fatty acids in his circulation, indicating a higher rate of lipolysis.
  • Choline contributes to normal lipid metabolism*.
  • Zinc contributes to the normal metabolism of carbohydrates*.
  • Zinc and choline contribute to the normal metabolism of macronutrients*.
  • Vitamin B6 contributes to the normal functioning of metabolic processes aimed at energy production*.
  • Chromium contributes to the maintenance of normal blood glucose levels*. ​

*The above are official health claims from the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

To προϊόν είναι κατάλληλο vegans.

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& B-Complex 20Tabs.