Scholl Gel Activ Everyday Men’s Insoles (No 40-46.5) 2pcs
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Scholl Gel Activ Everyday Men’s Insoles (No 40-46.5) 2pcs

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SCHOLL Gelactiv everyday men’s insoles

GelActiv Everyday insoles for daily use.

Whether you want to go shopping or enjoy a walk with your family, young people

Comfort Insoles Scholl GelActiv Everyday support your feet, so you can feel comfortable all day.

Ideal for:

Everyday shoes


The perfect balance of support and protection.

GelActiv τεχνο technology provides high foot comfort through a combination of gel pads that offer unique benefits.

It offers effective shock absorption, reducing the pressure exerted on the soles, thus giving comfortable and relaxed feet!

Scholl GelActiv Πά Insoles can be cut to fit any shoe size, while staying in place thanks to the excellent grip on the gel side.

Finally, they can be cleaned and reused: just wipe them with a damp cloth with a little soap