Septona Footcare Foot Pads 6pcs
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Septona Footcare Foot Pads 6pcs

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The bandages, from the Septona company, are ideal for covering, preventing and protecting all types of wounds. They are particularly durable, absorbent and do not cause skin irritation, while keeping the wound dry.

Foot calluses are a natural reaction of the skin in its attempt to protect the deeper and more sensitive layers of the skin from constant pressure or friction. They can appear both on the sole and on the joints and make walking quite painful.

There are several reasons that can lead to the formation of calluses such as: standing, inappropriate footwear, vibrations while walking, etc.

To deal with them, we recommend the following:
– Correct choice of footwear. Footwear must be comfortable and fit perfectly to the shape of the foot. If it is for women, they should have low and wide heels that properly distribute the weight. There must also be the necessary space (height and width) inside the shoe to accommodate the foot.
– Treat & moisturize your feet area daily. Daily care and treatment of the area is essential to avoid calluses. An intensive anti-hard skin cream can enhance the natural exfoliation process and restore skin elasticity, helping to prevent calluses.
– Use special pads to remove calluses. These pads have a targeted action and relieve calluses. Prevention as well as proper treatment play an important role in the effective treatment of calluses. If the calluses persist, consult a podiatrist.

In any case, consult your doctor.