Sky Premium Life Glucomannan Complex 60Tabs
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Sky Premium Life Glucomannan Complex 60Tabs

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Sky Premium Life Glucomannan Complex 60Tabs


Nutritional supplement that helps to lose weight and obtain a fit and healthy body.
Glucomannan in particular absorbs water and turns into a gel. This is deposited in the gut and contributes to the feeling of fullness by helping the body to take in fewer calories. Its action is also enhanced by white bean extract, which contains a protein that reduces sugar intake in the small intestine, temporarily blocking the activity of the enzyme that converts starch into sugar. In this way, it temporarily prevents the absorption of calories that the body takes in from sugar. Finally, inulin is a vegetable fiber that is broken down in the large intestine and not in the small intestine, as a result of which it acts as an intestinal prebiotic, helping to maintain a body by fighting pathogenic microorganisms .

Glucomannan helps maintain normal blood cholesterol levels. In addition, in the context of a reduced calorie diet, it contributes to weight loss (only with a daily intake of 4g)

Suitable for Vegans