SUPERFOODS – Spirulina Gold 180 tablets

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Spirulina Gold EUBIAS ™ is considered the top quality spirulina because it is grown in Australia, in an environment with zero pollution, in crystal clear mineral water. The only drying method followed is patented for 20 years.

With more than 90 active ingredients, vitamins and minerals, Spirulina Gold EUBIAS ™ offers the body a radical rejuvenation. Thanks to the high concentration of vitamins it contains, it shields the body and contributes greatly to reducing fatigue and stress. At the same time, Spirulina Gold EUBIAS ™ is the richest source of natural protein and amino acids in the world, as it contains 60-70% of high quality protein. It does not contain phytoestrogens, which is very important for a large number of women.

Superior quality without phyto-estrogens