Uplab Argogen Spray Microfiber Silver For Wounds & Skin Damage 125ml
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Uplab Argogen Spray Microfiber Silver For Wounds & Skin Damage 125ml

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Hygroscopic powder with 2.5% silver ion content.

Its use in wounds, abrasions, minor burns, skin injuries, etc. allows the secretion to be controlled by creating a clean and moist environment that facilitates the natural healing process, keeping the area protected from the multiplication of exogenous microbial growth.

The presence of silver ions prevents microbial infection of the affected area. The product remains on the affected area, is not rubbed and is easily removed using a serum spray.

If necessary, make sure that the product remains on the wound with sterile gauze or a bandage.

Does not contain products derived from animal tissue (collagen, keratin, elastin, etc.)


Wounds should be cleaned with isotonic solution before application. Shake the bottle before use, spray at short intervals, lightly pressing the dispenser and air button to avoid possible ignition hazards. Repeat the procedure and, if necessary, cover the area with a sterile bandage.

There are no known side effects from the product ingredients.

Do not use it for more than two consecutive weeks.