Vitabiotics Menopace Night to Eliminate Menopause Night Symptoms, 30 Tablets
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Vitabiotics Menopace Night to Eliminate Menopause Night Symptoms, 30 Tablets

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Menopace Night

Menopause is a normal stage of life that every woman goes through as estrogen levels decrease. It usually occurs between the ages of 45 and 55, but this can vary widely.

Thousands of women worldwide have discovered that Menopace, the UK’s No1 selling supplement for this stage of a woman’s life, provides effective nutritional support. Menopace is the most trusted supplement for menopause*.

Menopace Night is an advanced supplement of 24 nutrients scientifically formulated to be taken during and after menopause. The unique micronutrient formulation combines all the benefits of the proven original Menopace trace element tablet with the added support of Chamomile and Hop extracts, 5-HTP (Hydroxytryptophan) along with additional Soy Isoflavones from Soy extract. This special formulation is designed to be taken at night instead of other Menopace formulations.

Extra Support from Menopace

Menopace Night provides all the nutrients of Menopace Original WITH added support:

Chamomile extract

The flowers of the Chamomile plant (Matricaria recutita) are naturally caffeine-free and are usually made into an herbal tea and given during periods of troubled sleep.

Hops Extract

The use of Hops (Humulus lupulus) extract dates back many centuries and has traditionally been consumed for various uses.

Menopace Vitamin & Mineral Tablets

Bone Health

Bone health is especially important for menopausal women, so Menopace Night contains vitamin D, magnesium and zinc which help maintain normal bones. Menopace Night does not contain calcium and is designed to be taken in conjunction with a calcium supplement such as Osteocare.

Heart Health

It is believed that lower estrogen levels may affect the health of the heart and cardiovascular system in older women. Menopace Night includes optimal levels of thiamine (vitamin B1) which contributes to the normal functioning of the heart, while folic acid, vitamins B12 and B6 contribute to the normal metabolism of homocysteine. Maintaining healthy lower blood levels of the amino acid homocysteine is independently linked to heart health.

Healthy Skin

Estrogen has a positive effect on the production of collagen, an essential substance that is part of the bone cavity and skin structure. During menopause, estrogen levels and therefore collagen production can decrease significantly.

Το Menopace Night περιέχει βιταμίνη C που συμβάλλει στον φυσιολογικό σχηματισμό του κολλαγόνου για τη φυσιολογική λειτουργία του δέρματος, του χόνδρου, των οστών και των αιμοφόρων αγγείων.

* Source: OnePoll November 2019

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