Zarbis Laxaney Macro For Constipation Relief, 30 sachets x 10gr

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For the systematic relief of adults and children from chronic constipation and for the preparation of diagnostic tests.

Macrogol 4000 powder in sachets, without excipients for constipation and exam preparation, in practical packaging that is easy to carry.

It is not absorbed by the body, it only has an osmotic effect.
It does not weaken the intestine and does not cause addiction.
Suitable for the whole family and children from 3 years and above.
Suitable for pregnant women, lactating women and diabetics.
With a neutral taste.
Withoutsugar, additives, gluten.
Each box contains 30 sachets of 10g

Way of use
For constipation: Dissolve the contents of one sachet in a glass of water (125ml) and drink. Consume preferably on an empty stomach. The total daily dose can be divided into more than 1 doses during the day.

For cleansing the large intestine / Exam preparation: Consume 175ml of solution every 10 minutes up to a total consumption of 4lt. Consume each dose as soon as possible. The administration should be done 3-4 hours after the last meal.
The last administration of solid food should be at least 2 hours from the time of the examination.