DUO Fruits Passion Condoms with Fruit Flavors 6pcs
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DUO Fruits Passion Condoms with Fruit Flavors 6pcs

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Since 1980, when DUO condoms were launched in Greece, they have been inspiring men and women to enjoy their love experiences. With a wide range of products, high-quality DUO condoms provide contraceptive protection and safe protection against infections and sexually transmitted diseases.

Fruits Passion condoms in strawberry, banana and tutti frutti flavors are designed to add a new level of creativity and fun.

Basic features

  • With 100% contraceptive protection guarantee.
  • With natural color, special shape, smooth surface, lubricating coating, spermatic ending and neutralizing vanilla aroma.
  • New special 65mm wide head shape.
  • Contains natural latex.
  • Nominal width: 56mm.

No method of contraception guarantees 100% protection.

Store condoms in a cool and moisture-free place, away from direct sunlight and heat.