NUK Jolie manual breast pump 1pc (10.252.090)
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NUK Jolie manual breast pump 1pc (10.252.090)

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Combines high efficiency, soft feel and easy handling

The soft silicone pad with special tabs stimulates the flow of breast milk

Its ergonomic handle facilitates the process of sucking breast milk

Comes with a breast milk collection container, for the maintenance, freezing, warming and feeding of the baby – without transfusion

Free of bisphenol A (BPA free)

German build quality

The life of the modern mother often presents increased demands on flexibility and mobility, making breastfeeding almost impossible. The baby should not be deprived of precious breast milk! Collecting milk with the breast pump and feeding from the built-in bottle is a smart alternative. The NUK Jolie manual breast pump was designed and developed in collaboration with breastfeeding scientists and is based on the latest medical findings. Thus, the collection of breast milk is done as easily, painlessly and efficiently as possible.


The increased efficiency of the NUK Jolie manual breast pump in breast milk suction is due to a construction innovation as well as to its studied functionality. The special protrusions on the silicone pad (which fits on the breast) are designed to stimulate the flow of milk.

Gentle feeling

The soft silicone pad fits perfectly on the breast and gives a pleasant feeling to the skin.

Easy use

The suction handle has an ergonomic shape and is highly functional. Through this grip, the mother has the ability to adjust the suction power to the desired level: the more she presses it, the more she increases it.


All parts of the NUK Jolie manual breast pump are disassembled, cleaned and reassembled with great ease. They are also suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher.

Includes NUK breast milk collection container

The pumped breast milk is fed directly into the NUK breast milk collection container. This container is made of heat-resistant polypropylene and is ideal for storing, freezing, heating and feeding the baby with the milk we have collected – no transfusion required.

The accessories of the NUK Jolie manual breast pump include: a support base, sealing caps and a screw ring for the collection container.