Nuk Plastic First Choice Plus Temperature Control Gray Mickey Anti-Colic Baby Bottle with Silicone Nipple 300ml for 6-18 months (10.741.034))

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NUK Disney Mickey Mouse First Choice Plus Baby Bottle
with Temperature Control Indicator
• The built-in Temperature Control Indicator changes color if the food is too hot. The blue indicator changes to white
• Particularly soft silicone teat, adapted to the shape of the jaw: Silicone teat size 2 (6-18 months) M (middle hole = for milk)
• Prevents infant colic: improved anti-colic air escape system Anti-Colic Air System
• Clinically proven: for optimal combination of breastfeeding and bottle use*
• Made of polypropylene, does not contain bisphenol A (BPA) 300ml
• The worldwide popular Disney cartoon character Mickey Mouse celebrates his 90th anniversary.
Popular Disney cartoon character Mickey Mouse is turning 90 and NUK is celebrating with:
The classic modern designs that adorn the NUK Trendline pacifiers and inspire little Disney fans!
The right temperature, even when you’re steaming – NUK First Choice+ Baby Bottle with Temperature Control Indicator
It is so pleasant! When you’re steaming a little extra security is so welcome! NUK First Choice+ bottles with Temperature Control Indicator show at a glance when the contents of the bottle are at the right temperature.
With the Temperature Control Indicator, the scale on the bottle changes color depending on the temperature of the bottle’s contents. If the food is too hot, the blue indicator turns white.
Important: The NUK Temperature Control Indicator is considered an additional control. That is why the temperature of the food must be checked by hand before the actual feeding. To control the food, a few drops on the inside of the fruit are enough.
Natural shape, adapted to the shape of the jaw
The special shape of the NUK nipple was designed based on the shape of the mother’s breast during breastfeeding. It leaves the tongue and jaws enough space for natural mammalian movements.
Soft as a mother’s breast
The new soft zone Softzone is designed to adapt the silicone teat to the palate even better – for a natural breastfeeding sensation.
The improved Anti-Colic Air System ensures natural fluid flow. So your baby can drink easily without swallowing air at the same time.*
Clinically tested**
Its particularly natural shape makes the NUK teat especially loved by babies. For this reason, it is ideal for babies who combine breastfeeding with a bottle.
Light, unbreakable polypropylene pipe:
Practical NUK Temperature Control Indicator, which changes from blue (cold) to white (very hot)
Without harmful substances and odors, it does not contain bisphenol A
Easy filling and cleaning, thanks to the particularly wide neck of the bottle
Secure grip and support, thanks to the slightly curved shape of the bottle with the wide base
Compatible with all NUK First Choice products